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 Scanned Copy of ALL Certificates and Evidence requested MUST be Uploaded and must reconcile with any data entered, else the claimed information will be disregarded. CAC registration Certificate is compulsory. A second upload of any file overwrites the previous upload. To upload multiple files for one entry, ZIP all the files into one ZIP file and upload the zip file. All requested files must be uploaded as they will be reviewed. Failure to do so will lead to none processing of your requests.
NOTE: This is a temporary Self registration. APCON reserves the right at its discretion to make any modifications it so desires to any of the information provided. Ensure to complete the registration process by completing all information in ALL Tabs and also follow all instructions provided.
The Temporary registration is not saved until you click the "SAVE ALL DETAILS" button.

If any false or misleading information is provided in this application, APCON reserves the right to reject it partially or fully,Punish or prosecute the offender as it so desires within the applicable laws.

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